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Arabic Names ~
English Meanings

There are no real "official Muslim names", although it is understandable if someone thinks of names like "Abdullah (slave of God)" or "Amatullah (female slave of God)"; "Abdurahman (slave of Merciful God)"; "Noor Udeen (light of the religion)", as being "Muslim names". Many of these types of names were already in use before the time of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

However, we Muslims like to look for are names for our children with nice meanings or names to remind of certain qualities we hope for in our kids.

With that in mind, we offer some names we've been told have meanings of names (for girls) in Arabic like:

Afaaf - chaste, pure * Aishah – alive * Aliyah – high status & eminence * Aminah – at peace, fearless * Arwa – feminine of wa’l beautiful and radiant * Asma’ – elegance, loftiness * Basmah – happy expression * Juwayriyah – prophet's wife * Rahmah – mercy, compassion * Raniyah – fixed gaze * Razaan – dignified * Reem – white gazelle * Sarah – heartfelt joy * Shaima (Shayma) – virtueous * Zaynab – prefumed tree

Here's a list of some of the best names suggested to us (and you can share):

Afaaf (chaste, pure) Aliyah (high status, eminence)
Aminah (fearless, peace of mind) Arwa (beautiful, radiant)
Asma (elegant) Ayesha [Aisha], (lively)
Basmah (happy, smiling)
Habiba (beloved) Hafsa (Umar's daughter)
Hajir (superior, excellent) Hala [hilal] (new moon)
Hana (happy) Hasna (most beautiful)
Hayfa (soft, gentle) Helima (very tender)
Maymoonah (blessed woman) Maryam (exalted)
Noorah (light)

Imam (leader) Isra (traveler)
Iman (faith, trust) Israt (gentle, pure)
Jala (kind)
Jamal (handsome [male])
Jamilah (beautiful)
Jazlyn (a name)
Juwayriyah (prophet's wife) Jehan (flower)
Kadira (strong) Kalila (loved)
Kamilah (beloved)
Karida (first born)
Karima (noble, generous)
Kebira (very strong)
Khadijah (Prophet's 1st wife)
Khalida (forever)
Khalidah (fem. Khalid)
Latifa (kind, gentle)
Layla [Leila] (dark night)
Lina (happy)
Majida (majestic)
Malika [Melek] (fem. angel)
Matana (gift
Mantana (gift)
Mariam [Maryum] (exalted)
Maysa (graceful)
Medina (Ar: City) Muna (a wish)
Munira (reflected light)
Myiesha (great life)
Nabila (kind)
Nada (generous)
Nadira (valueable)
Nafeeza (precious)
Namimah (gift, favor)
Nazirah (equal)
Nimah (gift, blessing)
Noor (brilliant light)
Noya (beautiful)
Oma (long life)
Qadira (powerful) Rabe'a (spring)
Maymoonah (blessed woman)
Noorah [Nura] (light) Salma (slender)
Salaamah (security) Sumayyah (high status)
Su'aad (blessed, good fortune)
Tasnim [Tasneem] (spring in Paradise)
a spring in Jennah
Zaynab [Zainab] (perfumed tree)


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#12 ayesha 2014-06-01 08:12
plz add very new names of bhot girls and baby boys names plz plz it will your plesure to us to find a new names by this side ok and very thanks for giveing this types of side to find our baby name bye take care may god help yor in your needs and prays.
#11 bekal 2014-04-27 06:22
I want to know after the death of a family member who are already Muslim.
(1) What are the performance can be done on behalf of the deceased person.
(2)qur'an Quani is their any importance to perform.
(3)Donate any thing in his name to poor and needy person,or other imp.performance .
#10 umar 2014-04-19 20:31
need nice names for new female muslim converts
#9 pamila 2014-03-14 00:25
I want a name which is new but meaningful when someone hears it should be willing to know the meaning of the name
#8 Abdul kareem 2014-02-21 07:30
pls meaning of names in muslim arabic

boy & girl cute names
#7 shahbaz 2013-10-22 01:59
merab zahara
#6 khabat 2013-07-06 06:17
very nice... but there is many arabic nice name too..
#5 princess 2013-04-18 23:04
awsome names i would love 2 c more name n you plz put more names
#4 wish 2013-04-11 16:41
Send me some unique and new Muslim baby girl names
#3 awais 2013-01-27 06:28
i need nice name 4 girl

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